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Mott Electric, LLC is an electrical project management company that partners with General Contractors, Business Owners, Companies and Municipalities for the successful on-time delivery of all projects of any size. Using the latest technologies and skilled estimators, we provide consistent estimates you can count on. Our staff understands what it takes to meet aggressive schedules without sacrificing quality or safety.

Our customers depend on us to provide timely, safe, cost effective conception, design and installation services. Our project management systems and processes ensure our innovative solutions are cost-effective while also ensuring production schedules are well-coordinated for a successful project from start to finish.

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Mott Electric, LLC is a trusted electrical project management company that provides high-quality residential electrical services to homeowners. Whether you’re building your dream home or need repairs or replacements for your current electrical system, Mott Electric’s team of skilled estimators and project managers are committed to delivering dependable and cost-effective solutions. With a focus on safety and quality, Mott Electric offers a range of services that include electrical installation, repair, and replacement. From blueprint specifications to building code compliance, Mott Electric has the expertise to meet all your residential electrical needs.


Mott Electric, LLC also provides top-notch commercial electrical services for a wide range of industries. With a focus on design-build and project management, Mott Electric’s experienced team of professionals supports clients from inception to completion, ensuring on-time delivery and within-budget projects. Specializing in electrical construction and renovations, Mott Electric provides comprehensive services related to the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems. Additionally, Mott Electric utilizes advanced technology such as thermal imaging cameras to detect potential issues before they occur, ensuring optimal performance and safety.  Whether you’re looking for electrical installations, renovations, or repairs, Mott Electric’s commitment to safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness makes them the ideal partner for your commercial electrical needs.


At all times, we aim to achieve the highest level of safety benchmarks. Safety does not occur by chance. A strong safety culture is one of our core values.  From project planning through execution, our staff is aware of potential hazards related to every project we perform, and what they must to do ensure the job site is a safe environment for both our team and the surrounding community.

Our staff has completed the required Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training programs. Each member of our team is trained from day one to adhere to strict safety policies. Weekly safety meetings are held to keep safety at the forefront of our staff members’ minds. These weekly safety talks alert our workers to potential hazards on job sites they are currently working, remind them of safe workplace practices, and serve as an opportunity to introduce new job-specific training. Additional safety training sessions are held several times a year.



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